Mammography is important because in its earliest stages breast cancer may not be palpable; it may be too small to feel as a lump or tissue change. Mammography can help detect these changes two years or more before you would feel them. Physical examination is also important because premenopausal breast tissue is often dense and fibrous, which may decrease the reliability of mammography for young women.

If you notice any change in your breast (such as a lump or other texture change, breast pain, skin dimpling, or nipple discharge), see your doctor. Mammography or other diagnostic tests may be recommended to evaluate the changes taking place. The majority of these changes are due to benign-that is, noncancerous--conditions, but you'll be glad you checked.

If a lump is detected after the mammography is done, it may be essential to take a biopsy for the final diagnosis.

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Breast screening (mammography) is an X-ray examination of the breasts Breast screening can show breast cancer at an early stage, when they are too small for you or your doctor to see or feel
Breast screening can help find small changes in the best it shows up. Early detection of breast cancer offers the best chance of successful treatment, which significantly improves a woman’s chance of survival.
No, Breast screening only helps find breast cancer if it is already there
Mammography involves a tiny dose of radiation-the risk to your health from this is insignificant. The radiation dose is same as receiving dental x-ray
It may be easier to wear separate top as you will have to undress to waist. Please do not use deodorant or talcum powder on the day you go for Breast screening as this may affect the Mammogram.
Some women find the procedure uncomfortable and few may find it painful. We need to press to produce good quality mammograms at a low radiation dose. The pressure will only last for a few seconds. If you do experience pain, it usually only lasts for long as the procedure takes.
If you are diagnosed with Breast cancer, finding it early gives the best chance of successful treatment.

Please refer to booklets published by Ushalakshmi Breast Cancer Foundation in partnership with Dr.reddys foundation for Health Education and Breast Cancer Care, UK that deal with all aspects of breast cancer in simple, easy to understand format. The aim of this booklet is to empower women affected with breast cancer in India so that they could be better informed, better prepared & more importantly feel more in control at every stage of their treatment

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